HR Mentor

HR Mentor

HR Mentor is an innovative web based HR System, that combines :

  • a dynamic Job Analysis and Design Module with Competency Modeling (Job Mentor)
  • a Custom Psychometric Test Expert System and Knowledge Assessment Mentor
  • and a powerful Report Generator Module

Job Mentor: is an interactive web based application that utilizes information from more than a thousand standardized and occupation – specific descriptors. Job Mentor is the first step of the HR MENTOR where the user can create interactively the Job Template for the target position, tailor it to the organization’s specific needs and describe it in terms of Competencies (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personality).

Psychometric Expert System: is advanced software, standardized in more than 27 countries internationally, with thousands of tests taken, which analyses the personality of the employee and matches the results (in STEN scores) with the specific Job Template’s requirements.

Knowledge Assessment Mentor: an assessment system that can evaluate knowledge and job specific skills based on custom questionnaires created on demand

Report Mentor: the results of each candidate (competencies such as Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personality) are examined and compared to the norm for sex, age, country and the profession’s standards. The Report Mentor automatically generates a variety of reports, such as :

  • Job match
  • Comparative Report
  • Training and Development Report